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Night of Nigro

Six One-Acts by: Don Nigro
Directed by: Erica Terpening-Romeo & Greg T. Parente
Performed by: Thomas James Lombardo, Toni-Ann Gardiner, Erica Terpening-Romeo, Tamara Geisler, Silvestre Rasuk, Greg T. Parente & Ashley Ramos.
The Red Room
Night of Nigro had 10 performances at the Red Room in the E. Village from August 2-19, 2007
“chilling...palpable…keeps us on the edge of our seats…strong performances…effective…enjoyable”
-Show Business Weekly


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Things That Go Bump in the Night by Don Nigro

Ben wanders out of his bedroom to find Tracy sitting in the dark, troubled. During the play they saw earlier, stage hands in black rearranged the furniture between scenes. Tracy fears that someone might rearrange their furniture while they sleep. What she is really afraid of is the ultimate subject of this funny and compelling play about love, reality and fear featuring the characters from Seascape with Sharks and Dancer.

The Lost Girl by Don Nigro

Mala, a young tourist lost in a strange country with an erroneous map, sees Lara sitting on a bench reading a black book. Mala manages to communicate her situation and ask Lara for directions. Strangely, she understands Lara's foreign language more and more as the play progresses. She senses that there is something mysterious about this place but doesn't comprehend what it is until it's too late.

Ragnarok by Don Nigro

This chilling nightmare play is not what it seems. A young man and woman argue about the morality of experiments they are performing on less intelligent creatures. The woman feels sympathy for the laboratory animals and worries about their suffering, a position the man ridicules. The animals are humans and the two speakers are their alien conquerors.

The Sin-Eater by Don Nigro

This intense, darkly comic play tells of an outcast whose life's work is to eat a symbolic meal off the chests of the dead to take their sins upon himself before they are buried. When his sister asks him to perform this ancient Welsh custom for a girl he desperately loved, he can't resist doing a bit more. But his beloved is not really dead and she is equally terrified of being buried alive and of being kissed by the filthy sin eater.

Barefoot in Nightgown by Candlelight by Don Nigro

A dim circle of light surrounded by darkness. Three young girls, barefoot in nightgown, speak in a glow like candlelight. Cath is an orphan, sent to a girls' boarding school in the country, a big old house where she is very lonely until two of the other girls, Alicia and Belle, creep into her room one night, blow on her face to awaken her, and initiate her into a dangerous midnight game of Mistress and Slave. They deal out cards, and the one who gets the Queen of Spades is the Mistress, the Queen of Hearts the Slave, and the third girl is the Witness. The Mistress gets to demand one action of the Slave, and it can be anything. The Slave must obey. Once a month, at full moon, they play this game. At first Cath is happy, to have friends and be part of the game, which is exciting. But over time the dares gradually become more dangerous, more erotic, more cruel, more sinister. Eerie, complex and frightening. An excellent Halloween play.

Specter by Don Nigro
On a rainy night a young professor drives on a twisted road through the woods near Princeton, swerves into a ditch to avoid a girl in a white dress, and finds himself stuck in his car with an outrageous and possibly demented young lady who might want to murder or make love to him, or both. This ancient ghost story is retold as a funny and frightening play about the relationship of desire to danger and the perils of relying on the kindness of strangers.

Artistic Team



Thomas James Lombardo Director: Erica Terpening-Romeo & Greg T. Parente
Toni-Ann Gardiner Original Music by: Silvestre Rasuk
Erica Terpening-Romeo Stage Manager: Aaron Nutter
Tamara Geisler Sound Design: Ann Marie-Elder
Ashley Ramos Set Design: Greg T. Parente & Erica Terpening-Romeo
Silvestre Rasuk Lighting Design: Joshua Starr
Alice Kremelberg Graphic Design: Eric Terpening-Romeo
Greg T. Parente Costume Design: Greg T. Parente & Erica Terpening-Romeo
  Asst. Costume Design: Bernadette Peters
  Photos: Faye Ellman

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By: Wendy Taylor

Nominated for Innovative Theatre Award
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